No.1 Ease of Sealing

This is an innovative re-sealable packaging system that uses micro-hooks. Because you can seal it by simply touching the surfaces together, it is the easiest type of zipper to seal.



No out-of-alignment problem.


No jamming problem.


Closes with minimal pressure


Makes a pleasant sound upon unsealing.

Micro-hook system

Easy Easy Lock is a product that uses the micro-hook system. The zipper has many micro-sized hooks on both sides that lock together to seal the package. The system comes with a number of benefits.


No out-of-alignment problem.

Easy Lock is a touch-type zipper that closes by touching the two surfaces together. There is no need for accurate placement; the package will still close without any issue even if the surfaces are slightly out-of-alignment.

No jamming problem.

Product description: Even if foreign elements get jammed in the Easy Lock, the superior functionality of the micro-hook system allows the package to seal without any issue. Your average zipper must be completely closed or it can unseal at the slightest touch. Easy Lock can be sealed by simply touching together a few of the hooks. 。

Makes a pleasant sound upon unsealing.

Due to the micro-hook system, the EZ Lock makes a sound when it is unsealed. When using the EZ Look to keep pet food packages sealed, the pet will recognize the sound of the package being opened and come running, providing enjoyment for pet and owner alike.

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