Quality Assurance Service

Quality assurance service

Our corporate philosophy is “providing safe and reliable products.” In order to achieve this, we are committed to implementing and strengthening of the clean environment and the thorough quality management in every step of the manufacturing process starting with the acquisition of raw materials. To help our clients in Japan and overseas easily understand our position on product safety and reliability, we have obtained the internationally recognized third party certifications. Furthermore, by meeting the high level packaging safety

International food packaging standard

BRC IoP certification

In 2015, we were the first Japanese company to obtain the BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials certification from the third-party inspection organization TÜV Rheinland Japan. The BRC IoP standard is a progressive food safety certification that is highly recognized around the world. By receiving this certification from a third party certification organization as a company working with food packaging and packaging materials, we have been recognized for producing products with a high awareness of quality and security as well as GMP compliance regarding food contact materials. Many clients also require this BRC IoP certification for their suppliers. Every Takigawa Group factory has obtained BRC IoP certification. All the products we manufacture and sell are provided to our clients under the world’s highest quality control standards.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001

This is an international standard establishing the quality demanded by clients and society. It provides criteria for consistently offering integrated products and services that increase client satisfaction. As one of the most common management system standards, it has been adopted by over a million organizations in more than 170 countries worldwide. In order to consistently provide our clients with safe and reliable products that comply with the law, we are always making continuous improvements to raise our quality even higher.

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001

We aim to be an environmentally friendly company. To that end, all Takigawa Group factories have adopted ISO 14001, the international environmental management system standard established to minimize the environmental impact of our daily corporate activities. It is our goal to respond to the constantly changing environment and use various methods to protect it in balance with our societal and economic needs. We take the environmental problems companies face seriously, proactively use equipment and develop products with the goal of reducing our environmental burden, and make continuous improvements to even further reduce that burden and become a more environmentally friendly company.

About our quality guarantee system

Based on market information collected daily, we develop, design, test, and produce new products through an integrated system to quickly and accurately meet the diverse needs of our clients. The important thing at the development stage is to ascertain the various situations in which the product will be used and develop the product while establishing strict quality standards that can accommodate those situations. We conduct repeated tests under the conditions of various expected situations and adopt only the designs that meet our quality standards. We then offer those designs to our clients and the market. Regulations and standards also vary widely by country, and since we have clients in countries around the world, we need to understand the regulations of each country and region. We constantly monitor FDA and EU-related regulations so we can select materials that meet those regulations. For quality control, we also regularly collect data on non-conforming products, analyze and discuss the causes with concerned departments, and share the results with the entire Takigawa Group in an effort to prevent relapses. Our technical department collaborates with our manufacturing department on a daily basis, contributing to thorough quality management and the realization of Takigawa Corporation’s motto of providing high quality products.