Super stable self-standing flat bottom

Just as its name implies, a flat bottom bag is a side gusset bag with a flat bottom. This is the most stable and self-standing of traditional bags.




Because the bottom is flat, this bag easily stands upright on its own even with nothing in it. It will not fall over even as the contents decrease with use.


More efficient loading

Since the bags themselves are square, they leave no dead space when loaded into cartons after filling. Shipping efficiency is also improved by the fact that these bags can be made shorter and narrower for the same content volume than traditional standing bags. Because of their small design, these bags also contribute to the cost reduction because they can be more efficiently displayed on the retailers’ shelves.


More appealing bags

A larger printing area allows for improved graphic designs. In addition to the front, back, and left and right sides, the bottom of the bag is also printable. All parts can be pitch managed so there is no problem with any type of printing. This allows you to create more eye-catching designs on the main front and back sides to increase your appeal to consumers.


Numerous options

We can manufacture all sizes from small (1kg or less) to large bags up to 10kg. You can also choose any zipper from our lineup, just like for our side gusset bags. Select whatever you need from our lineup, including printing, air ventilation systems, and recyclable materials.

Terminated side gusset

This type of bag has an opening in a straight line. Because the side gussets are terminated and don’t reach the bag top, it can be sealed more efficiently when filled.


Non-Terminated side gusset

This type of bag has side gussets all the way to the top(un-terminated). The bag opens sidely and allows efficient filling. You can also easily reach your hand inside to take out the content. If you need the bags to be resealable, you can add our front zippers even with double layers.

Total cost reduction with more efficient shipping

Flat Bottom bags are extremely efficient for shipping, so you can reduce the total cost by switching from your previous packaging.

For example:
Switching from 1kg standing bags to 1kg flat bottom bags for powders
If you put around 10 filled bags into one carton for shipping, you can reduce shipping carton size by 44%.

By switching 4kg or 7kg pet food bags from the side gusset pinch bottom bag to the flat.

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