From Planning to Delivery




Our products are all made to order. Based on the information we receive from the client, we propose product plans and designs to meet each client’s needs. Besides the experience we have cultivated over the years, we also have a range of inspection equipment to select the optimal materials for each client’s product. In addition to these product design services, we can also propose creative designs to help clients communicate their intentions and product features directly to consumers.




In 1951, we began manufacturing polyethylene tubes using a manufacturing machine we developed ourselves. The knowledge we have cultivated over the years makes us intimately familiar with the characteristics and properties of film, so we can continue to create high quality and higher added value products. We can propose customized products to meet each client’s usage purposes. (LDPE, LLDPE, IPP, CPP, IOP)




Using our gravure printing machine, which reproduces colors with high accuracy, we can print up to 10 colors. To meet high demand, we have also recently began offering matte printing and registered matte printing, which combines both glossy and matte features.  In addition to our gravure printing, we were also one of the first companies to begin using a digital printing (for up to 760mm wide originals) with superior variable printing capabilities in 2014, allowing us to accommodate various printing needs. Printing directly from data allows us to make the product you envision a reality.




Lamination gives a product new character by layering individual sheets of film onto it. This is the most important process that forms the foundation of product creation and makes or breaks product quality. In addition to dry lamination, we also offer PE extrusion lamination. We propose the best lamination method to meet each client’s needs.




We inspect our products using the latest inspection equipment so we can offer high quality products to our clients.


Bag Making


Bag making is the last step in the process. We manufacture bags with a variety of original shapes, including technically demanding flat-bottom bags. We can also provide wide range of zippers and other features to add even more value to the bags according to each client’s needs.




On a daily basis, we work to integrate technique and manufacturing, collect data on non-conforming products, and work with each department to analyze and investigate the causes to prevent the same problems from reoccurring. We conduct pre-shipment inspections to make sure to deliver our clients safe and reliable products. Since our manufacturing, quality control, and sales departments are all in one place, we can coordinate with sales to develop and design products to appropriately meet the changing needs of each market. We provide products with a thorough understanding of the diverse demands of each and every client.




In addition to all of Japan whether it is from Hokkaido to Okinawa, we can also export and ship to any country in the world.

Using a computer-managed transport, shipment, and inventory management system, we endeavor to accurately ship products from Japan to other countries just in time to meet our clients’ needs.