SINCE 1907 History of Takigawa Corporation In 1949, we were one of the first companies
to begin manufacturing plastic products.
Since then, we have developed many
innovative products.
SINCE 1907 History of Takigawa Corporation In 1949, we were one of the first companies
to begin manufacturing plastic products.
Since then, we have developed many
innovative products.




Our first generation owner, Kiichiro Takigawa, founded Takigawa Factory in Yushima, Tokyo. Takigawa Factory began manufacturing picks and other ivory parts used for Japanese instruments like the shamisen and koto.


Relocated to Mama, Ichikawa.

Takigawa Factory was moved from Yushima, Tokyo to Mama in Ichikawa, Chiba.

The company then transitioned from ivory picks to picks made of evergreen oak. Because this was during the war, we also used evergreen oak to manufacture oars for the Japanese navy.



Our second generation owner, Koichi Takigawa, taught himself mechanical engineering to design and manufacture his own machines. He also purchased polyvinyl chloride raw materials from the US to begin manufacturing belts and hoses, which were in high demand at the time. After that, Takigawa Factory was reorganized and Takigawa Chemical Industries, Inc. was established. This company was the first in Japan to manufacture plastic shamisen picks. After that, we began manufacturing and selling hula hoops and various other products.


Moved to Onitnaka from Mama, Ichikawa.
Started laminated products

Our headquarters and main factory were then moved from Mama, Ichikawa to Onitaka, Ichikawa. We began manufacturing various laminated products, polyethylene, polypropylene, ultra-transparent polypropylene film and biaxially oriented polypropylene film, cast film, OPP shrink film, and high clear CPP film. We also built a new factory in Narashino and enhanced our integrated production system with gravure printing and high quality special bag production.



Factory integration in Narashino, Funabashi

Our third generation owner, Hiroyuki Takigawa, moved our headquarters and main factory from Onitaka, Ichikawa to our current location in Narashino, Funabashi. The new factory was built to be safe and environmentally friendly. We built up our integrated production system to include bag design, film, printing, lamination, and bag production. We integrated all processes to enable efficient quality control and production management. In order to meet diverse market demands, we also used the technical skills we had cultivated since our founding to begin manufacturing flat-bottom bags, which are now our main product, and began offering them not only in Japan but also to overseas clients.


Open foreign factory and office

In order to provide high quality service in our clients’ time zones, we have established Takigawa Corporation Vietnam as an overseas production base, as well as the North America Office, the Europe Office, and Takigawa Corporation Singapore as sales bases. In order to meet the unique demands of each country’s market as we continue to globalize our company, we are continuing to incorporate unique products from each country to add to our lineup of original products.

Global Service


Future of packaging

In order to strengthen our initiative to fight the environmental problems companies must face, we have obtained ISO 14001 certification. We have also proactively developed and provide the market with environmentally friendly products that keep environmental influence to a minimum.

To expand our market in North America, we have also established Takigawa Corporation America with a sales office in Los Angeles, California. We have also begun construction on a second overseas manufacturing base in Bardstown, Kentucky, where we are planning to start manufacturing in spring 2019.