About Takigawa Corporation

Providing Safety and Reliability

In 1949, we were one of the first companies to start manufacturing plastic products.
Since then, we have never stopped pursuing our corporate philosophy of “Providing Safety and Reliability.”


Improved services and globalization

In order to provide better products from our various bases to the world, we set global standards and select raw materials that honor the laws of each country. Pursuing development, pioneering, and service improvements to meet increasingly diverse client needs, we have worked to globalize our company so we can always create value the market demands.


Factory integration

In order to achieve our goal of “Providing Safety and Reliability,” we have integrated our factories into a safer integrated production system for everything from planning, film-making, printing, lamination, and bag manufacturing.
Integrating our production process in this way has enabled speedier quality management and production management.
Since we began manufacturing polyethylene film in 1951, we have been researching and accumulating cutting edge techniques. We now still use the same inflation manufacturing method we have used since the beginning. Because we manufacture our own products and have accumulated knowledge on manufacturing techniques, we can now more efficiently provide a wide variety of economically superior products, whether it be in large lots or small lots of diverse items.
Thanks to the advent of digital printers in recent years, we can now offer a wider variety of products and services.


Development and Pioneering

The demands of the market are becoming increasingly diverse. Even in the same market, there are different demands in different countries.

In recent years, we have been proactively globalizing our company and making improvements in the techniques and processes of the integrated production system we have cultivated since our founding, focusing on enhancing our “development power” to create new added value.

In order to become more global and meet the individual needs of each country’s market, we  are exploring possibilities for new added value and products. By looking for products unique to each country and proactively seeking out licensing contracts, we have been able to build up a collection of original products.






Global Service



From Planning to Delivery



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