消費者の声から生まれた新しいパッケージのご提案 発送コストを変えるパッケージのご提案 輸送効率の追求・エコ化のご提案

About material of packages

What kind of material does TAKIGAWA can offer?

TAKIGAWA uses functional plastic films and laminated multiple layered films. We choose and laminate various kinds of films to fit its contents and requirements for barrier property.

Does TAKIGAWA have special touch feeling of material or glossy-looked substance?

Our matte coating by printing can replicate paper and high-grade texture. We can produce metallic looks by using aluminum base film or metallic ink.

Are TAKIGAWA’s packages suitable for food packing?

All materials we use meet the standard for food sanitation.

About customized packages

What type of packages does TAKIGAWA have?

We have various kinds of packages, such as flat bottom bag, bottom gusset bag and 3 side seal bag. There is a product list on TAKIGAWA’s homepage, so please take a look. We can propose suitable packages according to your products, logistics, targeted customer’s generation and budgets.

Is any professional knowledge needed to contact us?

We have been received orders from clients who use package for the first time. We will support from designing of package. Please be assured.

I would like to reconsider existing packages.

We would like to propose all about package from composition of materials to style of packages.

I want to purchase standard products to reduce cost.

Unfortunately, we are offering only made to order package, so we do not have any standard packages.

How much does it take to produce new packages?

It takes approximately three thousand dollars at least in total if we produce minimum order quantity. The price differs from quantity, design, specification of bag by order. In addition, cylinder’s fee is needed according to the number of color. This is only one time cost.

Can I have any samples?

We provide with handmade samples for free in condition of future possible production order. We are afraid that we are not able to deal with only sample making.

About production quantity

What is MOQ?

Minimum order quantity is from thousand pcs. It differs from the size and the type of package.

About service locations

Can Takigawa offer the package to individuals?

We are afraid that we can only deal corporation.

Can TAKIGAWA offer the package to companies in all the state?

TAKIGAWA does not have any branches, but we have been had a contract with customers all over the world. We will have contact with business trip.

About production lead time

How long does it take to manufacture packages?

It takes about a month after the design of the package is determined.

How about the flow of package making?

About the detail, please click here.

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    Inquiries on the phone

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    Pocket Type

    Pocket Type

    After you open a zipper, you can raise the zipper itself up.By doing this action, the zipper keeps tablets back and then you can pick the tablet up one by one.

    Wide Openining Package

    Wide Openining Package

    Second is Wide Opening Package.
    As you can see, opening is wider.
    Normally, packages for supplement are vertically long, so that it is difficult to put your hand deep into the package and to try to pull up tablets for picking one by one. Then unfortunately, many tablets would come out and drop from the package. However in case of Wide opening package, it is easy to put your hand into the package and to pick the tablet up one by one. You can choose portrait or wide opening landscape type depending on a design and store space.

    Would you like to produce an original handbag-styled package? It is compatible with promotional items and product samples for any events.


    We suggest special packages with customized printed design. We are sure that it must be helpful for promoting your product brand.
    And also, we can recommend pouch-styled packages which are able to set a few supplement packages up.
    It is reusable and useful package.


    It costs high to ship plastic bottles, glass bottles or paper carton boxes even if it’s the weights are low in Japan.


    We redesign a package so as to keep its size within the standard size of letter pack (13.38inch x 9.85inch x 1.2 inch), which is contributed to reduce delivery cost dramatically. It takes only 198 YEN to deliver a package in an envelope to every locations in Japan at minimum.


    We have knowledge of cost down solutions for a delivery. Please feel free to contact us.


    Making the size of bags smaller leads to following advantages.

    Reduce the usage of film by approximately 12% compared to bottom gusset bags (※This is for reference. The reduction rate may differ, depending on size of bag.)


    ・More bags can be packed in one carton box, or the box itself can be downsized than before. This allows you to cut transportation costs and inventory space.


    ・By making packages compact, more bags can be displayed at retailers' shelves than bottom gusset bags, which leads to increase your appeal to consumers.


    ・Left and right sides and the bottom of the bags are also printable.


    ・They can be displayed in different positions.


    Of course, as the bags take up little space at home, they are suitable for storage.