Fin seal bags come in many different shapes for a wide variety of uses.

This bag has been used for many different type of products such as snacks and sachet.

Three-Side Seal bags with fin shaped seal

Three-Side Seal bags with fin shaped seal can be easily opened by grabbing the back seal, so they have long been used as bags for things like snacks. These bags can also be hung in stores with hook holes added on the seal area.


Fin seal gusset bag

Fin seal gusset bags are often used for things like coffee. Their main feature is that they can obtain a nice cube shape by vacuum filling.


Quad Seal bags that can increase added value

Unlike conventional Shark-fin bags, Quad Seal bags make it possible to add all kinds of value according to your needs.

These are the only type of Shark-fin bag that zippers can be added to. Triple Zip and Easy Lock can be used with this bag.

Our special Quad Seal bags can be manufactured with the tops of the side gussets removed to create a single zip design. This makes it easier to seal the top of the bag after filling it.

We can also attach our Fiber Vent to those bags to enable the addition of an air release system.


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