History Development

1907 TAKIGAWA SEISAKUSHO established and began production of Japanese musical instruments.
1923 TAKIGAWA SEISAKUSHO relocated to Mama, Ichikawa.
1949 Casting of synthetic resin (vinyl chloride) began at TAKIGAWA SEISAKUSHO.
  • TAKIGAWA SEISAKUSHO reorganized and TAKIGAWA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, Ltd. was established.
  • Started production of polyethylene tubes from imported materials.
1953 Polyethylene tubes became 80% of the company’s product range.
  • Started production of polyethylene lamination.
  • It also began manufacturing polyethylene film for agricultural use and is authorized to display the JIS logo.
  • The headquarter and the plant moved to Onitnaka from Mama, Ichikawa.
  • It began Polypropylene tube manufacturing.
1965 Completed the first of its business plans to expand facilities for production of laminated, polyethylene, and polypropylene products.
1967 Completed its second expansion plan. Built a new plant in Narashino, thereby completing a fully integrated production system that included gravure printing and manufacturing of special high-grade bags.
1975 Started manufacturing ultra-clear polypropylene film and biaxial oriented polypropylene film.
1976 Equipped with hygiene management facilities in compliance with standards established by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the production and quality control of medical supplies (GMP). The company started manufacturing coextruded tubes and develops an array of special bags.
1983 Polyethylene film manufacturing section is added within the main plant.
1984 A new computer-controlled, automated warehouse was constructed.
1986 The company built a third manufacturing section within the main plant and expanded its cast film division.
1988 New head office was constructed.
1991 The company began manufacturing OPP shrink wrap.
1996 A consolidated company was established with King Jim Co., Ltd. in Indonesia.
2000 The company began manufacturing hi-clear CPP film.
2001 Technical tie-up for a bag slider-closer system with US company Pactiv Corporation.
2002 Company headquarters and main plant relocated from Onitaka, Ichikawa to present location.
2003 ISO 9001 certification acquired.
2004 The Slide-RiteR Particle Plow slider zipper was developed for powdered and granulated products.
2006 The shaker bags developed.
2007 Installed machines for of Flat-bottom bags production .
  • Machines for large sized terminated side gusset bags installed.
  • Received exclusive distribution rights for Easy-Lock (micro-hook closure system) from APLIX (France).
2010 Started distribution of Easy-Lock bags and Front Zip bags.
  • Gravure 10-color printing machine installed.
  • A North America office opened.
  • The company name changed to TAKIGAWA CORPORATION JAPAN.
  • In February, operations started at TAKIGAWA CORPORATION VIETNAM.
2014 Wide-web Digital Press “Indigo 20000” installed.
  • BRC IoP certification acquired.
    Scope: Production of flexible packaging (films, shrink wraps and bags) from polyethylene and polyester laminates based on the processes:
  • Signed PacXpert Packaging Technology license Agreement with The Dow Chemical Company USA.
2017 ISO 14000 certification acquired.
Scope: Development, Production, Sales and Outsourced Manufacturing and Management of the Plastic Films, Laminated Films and Converted
2018 TAKIGAWA CORPORATION America established.