Next generation packaging to protect our future

We have developed next generation packaging to tackle with the problems of plastic waste and climate change that have recently become a concern.

Recyclable bags

Recyclable pouches are the ultimate measure in microplastic reduction. These are recyclable as it is manufactured from a single material. We can manufacture recyclable bags in all formats, from flat bottom bags to traditional standing bags.


Green material aiming for carbon neutralitys

Green material packaging is the package made from plant-based materials. Because the materials are plant-based, the amount of carbon dioxide generated when the package is burned is close to what the plants absorb while growing, making it possible to aim for carbon neutrality. We can reduce carbon dioxide by using this package as an alternative to petroleum-based bags that inevitably produce carbon dioxide.

Reducing micro-plastics with biodegradable pouches

Biodegradable pouches are bags made of plastic that degrades into water and carbon dioxide through the activity of common microbes in the nature. Waste from plastic products has recently become a problem. It is said that 50 years from now, there will be more plastic products in the ocean than marine life.

These biodegradable pouches can be used in the same way as standard plastic bags, but because their film is degraded through microbial activity, the amount of waste is reduced after use and it has less impact on the environment.


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