No more accidental ingestion! Child Protect protects our children

Child Protect is a package designed to be un-openable by children to prevent accidental ingestion of the contents. It can be used to store medicine, batteries, small toys, and more.



Child-resistant functionality.


Follow a series of steps to open the package


Package format allows for ease-of-use.


Size and shape can be freely changed.

Pocket Type

This is the standard zipper type. There is a hollow cavity on the zipper which you must put your finger into to open the package.

It cannot be opened like the average package by simply pulling, unless great strength is applied. These two features make the package child-resistant.

How to open

Tab Type

This tab type is the easiest for adults to open. There is a tab on the zipper which you must hold while opening to open the package.

It is difficult for children to hold the tab while trying to open the package, making it child-resistant.

How to open

Slider Type

This slider type is the most commonly used type in the US. Move the slider onto the cavity and press down on the slider while pulling it to the opposite side to open the package.

Since it is difficult for children to imitate the process of holding down the slider, and because a degree of strength is required, the package is child-resistant.

How to open

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