A multi-zipper that anyone can close with ease!

Because there are more zippers than usual, children, the elderly, and all those in-between can easily close the package.




More than one zipper to support in case one is not properly closed. Anyone can open and close the zipper properly.


Improved sealability

Sealability is improved compared to single-zipper packages.


Optimized zipping

When used with a package with a wide opening, the process of zipping can be optimized.


Countermeasure against foreign elements

Because there are multiple zippers, you can still close the package even if something gets stuck in one of them.

Triple Zipper

Because there are three zippers, the package is easier to close compared to the average single-zipper package. Anyone can easily seal it.

The triple-zipper system provides a greater “clicking” feeling upon sealing, eliminating the problem where the user believes that they have properly sealed the package when it actually remains open. Experience the unique clicking feeling for yourself.

Double Zipper

The double zipper comes with two zippers, and is offered for a lower price than other multi-zippers.

It shares the functionality of the multi-zipper series; all while being offered at an affordable price.


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