Easy to carry and pour

The side gusset handle is a handle designed for large packages. It has all of the features required by a large package handle to eliminate the difficulty in handling large packages.



Fortified handle strength.


Easy to carry.


Easy to pour

Strength, Simplicity, and Convenience

The main benefit of the side gusset handle, designed as a handle for large packages, is that it allows large packages to be carried with ease. Packages weighing over 10 kg must be held in your arms, which can prove difficult when you are also trying to carry other bags. The side GZ handle allows you to carry such a package with only one hand. Because the handle is attached to the side of the package, there is no need to worry about the package touching the ground. Also, the side handle can act as a support when pouring out the package’s contents. This allows the large package to be used as a container, eliminating the need to transfer the contents into a separate, smaller container. The handle supports packages weighing up to 20 kg, meaning that it can be used for products of great width and size.

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