A hole-punch handle that makes carrying easier

This handle can be used to punch one or two holes into the top of the package so that you can carry it by the handle.



Different shapes with different features.


Can be combined with various shapes of packages.

Straight type

This is the one-hole straight type handle. It balances handle strength with ease-of-carrying.


Banana shape type

This is the one-hole banana type handle. It is specially designed for ease-of-carrying.


2 holes type

This is the fortified handle type. It makes two holes to improve carrying stability, and can also be used for packages such as medium-sized packages and shaker packages that require a large amount of up-and-down movement.

Hole handle

The hole handle can be used for packages from small to medium size (approx. 4kg). You can use it to help carry home packages straight from the supermarket with ease, or even use it to carry a package containing an assortment of goods, such as shampoo and cosmetics. It can also be used in combination with a zipper, giving the package sealability and allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes, such as carrying possessions to the spa or gym, or novelty purposes.

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