No more powder jams!

Because of the unique design of the powder zipper, it can still seal even if powder particles get jammed inside of the zipper.



Powder jam countermeasures

Single Type

This is the budget version of the powder zipper. The male connector has a hollow cavity that can suck in powder particles that are stuck on the female connector, allowing the package to seal.



Double Type

This double type model can be sealed with greater ease than the single type model. The two zippers have the same functionality as the single type, meaning that even if one zipper becomes jammed with powder and is unable to close, the other zipper functions as a backup.

Having two zippers allows them to take up a wider area, which also makes them easier to seal.


Zaba-Zipper, the strongest zipper

The Zaba-Zipper is the zipper with the strongest internal seal power. A sealed package filled with air will not burst open even if an adult male sits on it.

You no longer have to worry about powder-filled packages bursting open and spreading their contents during transport.

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