Easy opening with the front strip

Front Zip is a product with a unique opening method. The package has a small strip that you can simply pull on to unseal the package.



No scissors needed, no matter what package

Any type of package can be easily opened by the strip.


More efficient filling

No need to open or close a zipper when filling the package.


No jamming problem when filling

The content does not pass by the zipper during filling, so there is no risk of it getting jammed.

Easy opening for consumers and easy filling for fillers

Not only can Front-Zip be easily opened by simply pulling on the strip, it also allows for the easy opening of normally difficult-to-open double layered packages without the need for scissors. Unlike the average zipper-equipped package, the only part of the package that becomes waste is the strip, meaning that you can open the package with peace of mind wherever you like.

Front-Zip supports double layer packages, optimizing filling by allowing you to widen the package’s mouth. Additionally, because the Front-Zip is only on one side of the package, there no need to open-and-close it and no fear of objects becoming stuck in it, leading to more efficient filling.


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