The reliable open-and-close slider: the ultimate form of universal design

Slide-Rite sliders satisfy market demand for a “simpler, more convenient, and safer” packaging solution. Slide-Rite was designed to add the convenience to the package as food packaging.




The packages can be opened and reclosed by simply moving the slider to the opposite side.



Various sliders are available for powder or heavy content etc.



Barrier property to keep food fresh and tamper-evident function.

Normal Slider

This is the standard slider. It can be used for a wide variety of packages from food to novelty purposes. The slider can be easily operated by men and women of all ages for a reliable seal.

Powder Slider with Particle Plow

This is the slider for powdery products. It is specially designed to repel powder stuck in the track upon opening or closing the package. Different from the average powder zippers and slider, it physically removes the clogging by its plow, providing a safe and reliable seal.

S Slider for Heavy Bags

This slider is designed to solve the common problem with the slider used in the large packages. Sliders for large packages are prone to become warped and difficult to open and reclose. The “S” Slider has a unique shape that allows easy gripping and smooth sliding, enabling reliable sealing. “S” profile features locks grips the track tightly, enabling anyone to easily open or reclose packages with wide opening.

Additional Functions

High quality and hygiene operation management is carried out from selecting raw materials to manufacturing. Therefore, it is an appropriate option for food packaging.

For food packaging, barrier materials are used for tamper-evident membrane. Once the package is filled, long-term safe storage of the food is possible.

You can select between a tamper-evident track to protect food after the package is filled, or a track without tamper-evident functionality to be used for novelty purposes.

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