Takigawa’s June Pets of the Month!

Takigawa’s June Pets of the Month!
2021年6月30日 k.ohba

There’s only one thing better than having a pet, and that’s having an unusual assortment of pets! Natalie Gordon is a Quality Control Technician that works out of Takigawa’s Bardstown plant.

She loves all her animals. There’s Demon, a three year old male cat. He likes to play tag and hide ‘n seek. In his spare time he can be found sleeping in his box.

Natalie also raises morph Albino Axolotls. So what exactly are these beautiful reptiles? They are rare salamanders, also known as the Mexican walking fish, that make great pets. Axolotls are hardy and live in aquariums. They actually enjoy the presence of their owners, they recognize them and usually react to human hand signals. She owns four of these unique creatures.

Scientists have been studying Axolotls for years because of its uncanny ability to regenerate their limbs.