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In recent years, in the industry of agricultural chemicals there has been a sharp increase in competition between companies and between products, with each company promoting the difference with their own products. Amongst this, there a focus was placed on a keyword, functionality. Our company offers functional products with added value.

Recommendation to Lawn and Gardening product

Flat Bottom

  • Super stable self-standing flat bottom

    A standing bag has gussets on the bottom so it will stand on its own even without anything inside.

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  • Shake to scatter contents

    Just as its name implies, a flat bottom bag is a side gusset bag with a flat bottom. This is the most stable and self-standing of traditional bags.


  • Easy to pour

    PacXpert is a bag specially designed to be easy to pour from and convenient to use despite being made of soft material.

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Bottle replacement pouch

  • Bottle replacement pouch

    This bag is a bottle replacement product consisting of a drinking spout attached to a traditional bag.

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I want to consider more convenient materials than paper bags.

With the bags with bases, they can be used in the same way as conventional paper bags. Unlike paper bags, however, they use a barriered film so that the smell of the contents does not escape. You can also add a zip to them, allowing you to improve their resealable nature. The printed side can also be printed in a clearer way than on paper bags.

I want to spread things without touching them

With the shaker pack, you hold the handle at the top of the bag and shake it up and down. By doing this, the contents can be spread. This can be used for medicinal agents that you do not want to touch with your hands without problem, too.

I’m looking for a large and convenient bag

With the large based bags, much of the added value can be added. Its shape allows it to be transported more efficiently than the conventional pinch bottom type. You can also add a gas remover and a zip, making the resealable nature of this even more convenient than a conventional large paper bag.

I’m looking for a replacement bottle for liquid agricultural chemicals

The pack expert and base spout bag are perfect to be used as replacements for bottle containers. You can choose which to use based on the amount of capacity needed. To improve the convenience of dispersal, you can add a handle to the base spout bag.


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