Takigawa Loves The PSC (Pet Sustainability Coalition)!

Takigawa Loves The PSC (Pet Sustainability Coalition)!
2020年12月21日 k.ohba

As a long-time member and supporter of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), Takigawa takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. The PSC is a Boulder, Colorado-based nonprofit organization that creates sustainability in the pet industry through education, implementation tools and collaboration.

For Takigawa, working with the PSC focuses on efforts for the company to help forward the most recyclable, sustainable packaging in the pet food industry. To that end, the PSC is helping to develop collection systems across the globe to accelerate adoption of sustainable supply chains. After all, success for recycling efforts hinge on the ability to re-collect as much recyclable materials as possible.

Takigawa has developed next generation packaging to address both plastic waste and help mitigate potential climate change owing to the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The company’s green material packaging is also making it possible to move toward “carbon neutral” packaging. These bags can supplant mixed plastic based packages whose processes generate excess greenhouse gasses.

Many have asked about biodegradable pouches, ones that can degrade into water with the help of natural microbes. The truth is, the high costs of such packaging is still prohibitive for many companies. Recyclable packaging offers competitive costs while seriously reducing the amount of microplastics that end up in landfills or worse yet, our oceans.

For more information on Takigawa’s recyclable packaging, go to https://www.takigawa-corp.com/en/products/environmental-response/

For more information on the Pet Sustainability Coalition and its ongoing programs, go to:http://www.petsustainability.org


Photo of TAKIGAWA America staff loving family member Kona and Gigi