Easy to pour

PacXpert is a bag specially designed to be easy to pour from and convenient to use despite being made of soft material.



Easy to pour

Each bag has handles on the top and bottom so you can pour the contents from the spout using a pendulum movement.


Easy to carry

The attached handles make PacXpert easy to carry around. There is also the option to add strings so you can easily carry it on your back like a backpack.


Secure design

Securely designed with an attached cap so there is no need to use up the contents all at once.


Solid and stable

PacXpert’s cube shape makes it highly stable, so it will remain standing even if you leave the cap open.


Space saving

Unlike hard containers, PacXpert’s soft material means it can be folded for storage to save space before filling. It can also be folded for disposal after use, which helps reduce waste.

Emergency water bags

PacXpert is widely used as a water distribution bag.

We have 5 liter and 10 liter bags in stock, available for purchase from 1 case (100 bags). We can also include back straps and nozzles to attach to the caps according to your purpose.

You can store these emergency water bags in your home and take them to a water distribution station when an emergency happens. Unlike plastic containers, you can easily store enough of these bags for your whole household.

Because these soft bags are specially designed to be easy to pour from and use, they will protect your precious water in the event of an emergency.

Recommended by the Disaster Prevention Safety Association.

Easy to scatter

Because PacXpert bags are designed to be easy to pour from, the liquid inside can also be  easily scattered.

Compared with hard containers, less air moves around during scattering so liquid can be scattered more quickly and easily using the handles. PacXpert can be used to scatter herbicides, cleansers, and a wide variety of other liquids.

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