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Message from the President

Takigawa Corporation
Hiroyuki Takigawa, President and CEO

Creating a culture of teamwork and quality with a never ending desire for improvement.

In 1949, our company took the lead in undertaking production of plastic goods. Under the management principle of “providing safety and sense of security,” we have capitalized on our years of cutting-edge research and expertise to improve quality and develop a great number of new products since then.

Now, in the 21st century, we have focused on the environmental issues that all businesses must face. In addition to a comprehensive end-to-end system that covers the production process from project design to plastic films, printing, lamination, and bag making, we have aimed to reduce burdens on the environment. To this end, we have implemented a production management system that automates delivery and tracks the operational status of each order in real time. We have also constructed a system to curb industrial waste. Through these measures, we have developed a clean environment and quality control system ahead of the time.

The demands of the marketplace are growing increasingly diverse. In order to meet those demands, we always start by considering the customer, and in pursuit of creations with the value required by our customers, we continue our drive toward globalization. Last year, we set up group businesses in Vietnam, Singapore and North America, and we will continue to work at our business options and focus.

Going forward, using the world-class technology and product development capabilities that we have cultivated as a pioneer of the flexible packaging industry, I earnestly hope to make further contributions to society by providing even safer, user-friendly, and economically outstanding products that meet a range of needs and lead the way to the future of packaging.

Hiroyuki Takigawa